Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Challenge Anti-Life Sex Education...

I received the following information from Anthony Ozimic of SPUC. We really need to make our views on this heard... after all, we cannot rely on the "Catholic" Education Service, which so rapidly sold out to the Government agenda, nor on the Bishops of England & Wales, who have been silent, and thus complicit.

Make no mistake - we are fighting for our children's very souls!

The government has introduced a bill which would make sex education compulsory in all state schools, including faith schools, from ages 5-16. This is part of the government's anti-life sexual health agenda. The approach to sex and relationships education (SRE) in the Children, Schools and Families bill has been framed by anti-life, anti-family groups. The government not only wants universal sex education, but also wants to use all state secondary schools, including Catholic ones, as centres for promoting access to contraception and abortion services. Not since the Abortion Act 1967 has there been such a determined effort to promote universal access to abortion.

Please act now to challenge the government's pro-abortion sexual health agenda in schools.


* read SPUC's new flyer, order a supply and distribute in your area;

* ask local clergy to include SPUC's notice in their next weekly bulletin and announcements, and work with them to distribute the flyer;

* read SPUC's critique Sexual Health in Schools 2009, which explains the government's pro-abortion sexual health agenda in schools;

* write to Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister, opposing compulsory sex education. Send a copy of your message to your own MP. You can write to them at: House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA or email them (SPUC has details of how to contact your MP);

* write to your local schools. Urge them to oppose the plans to make sex education compulsory. Also ask schools to write to Ed Balls MP (Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families), to the Prime Minister and to the local MP.


Elizabeth said...

The government has an agenda to 'sexualise' our children from an early age. The sooner they become sexually active, the greater their chance of contracting a Sexually Transmitted Disease, the greater their chance of infertility and less chance of forming a strong marital relationship. The powers that be have it all sussed.
Home Schooling - that is the answer - then at least if sex ed is compulsory you can determine the angle at which it is taught = totally in accordance with the Church.

George said...

Dear Mulier Fortis, I've been thinking about what to say on this hugely important subject, which I've been personally fighting as a Dad of six kids for over twenty years. As Elizabeth says in her comment and I fully agree, this Government is hell-bent on sexualizing our children and getting them sexually active from the absolute earliest age possible. Don't ask me why - I am at a complete loss, but their morally bankrupt drive is relentless despite ALL THE EVIDENCE (even the NHS's own surveys!!!) pointing to the fact that their sex education policies over these past forty or so years have failed DISMALLY! The fire is out of control so their answer is to pour more petrol on it!!! Madness.

I came across an interesting article on Mercatornet some time ago. It was an interview with Miriam Grossman MD, author of the recently-released book "You’re teaching my child what? A physician exposes the lies of sex education and how they harm your child".

Here are a few lines that give you a flavour of what this good Doctor has discovered about the sex-educationalists and their policies:

"The good news is that all these sexual health problems are 100 per cent avoidable. And there is so much parents can do to protect their kids. We know that young people are profoundly influenced by their parents, the messages they get from their parents, their perceptions of what their parents believe in, their parents’ values, and what their parents’ expectations are. There are many studies that I go through in the book that demonstrate that a parenting style of being warm and supportive and yet having high expectations and firm rules has profound influence on children and teens and the decisions they make. Obviously parents need to be informed. They need the information in this book; they are not going to find it anywhere else. I’m a medical doctor and I scoured the literature for the latest on sexually transmitted infections, how girls are more vulnerable emotionally and physically than boys, what kids are told about same-sex attraction, gender identity, and many other topics. My book is not politically correct, but it is medically accurate. I explain biological truths that are not discussed elsewhere. For example, kids are being told that they can be male, female or something else; that there are more than two genders and that it is natural to question who you are at any time in your life. This is madness. It’s not only medically inaccurate, it confuses our kids and it leads them into a minefield of emotional and physical hazards.

Government policy makers must find the courage to challenge the status quo. People need to stand up, be politically incorrect, and acknowledge the truth of biology. Certain groups will object, because what is seen under the microscope and on brain scans contradicts their vision. It’s going to take that courage to change policy, to have an extreme makeover of our approach to sex education. You see, sex educators have institutionalized 20th century theories and social agendas, but hard science from this century completely discredits those theories and agendas. Sex education needs to come into the 21st century and leave behind ideas that are remnants of the sexual revolution and feminism".

This book sounds like a worthwhile read. Her other publication is titled " Unprotected: A Campus Psychiatrist Reveals How Political Correctness in Her Profession Harms Every Student".

Meanwhile as Mulier Fortis says all concerned parents, grand-parents and anyone who cares about this MUST make themselves accountable and stand up against this tsunami of values-free secularism. Write, email, phone the MP's the Prime Minister, everyone and anyone you can think of to get these points across.

Our children matter and they have an inviolable right to their innocence!

Holy Mary Mother of God help us to protect the innocence and sanctity of our children.

Elizabeth said...

Britain has the worst record in Europe for teenage pregnancy. The number of teenage pregnancies in Britain goes up every year. This is despite the fact that, in order to achieve its stated aim of halving the teenage pregnancy rate by 2010, the government has been pushing contraception and sex education to ever younger children - including the grotesque provision of compulsory sex education for five year-olds.
Children and young people are taught that sex is a bit like ski-ing - go out there and have fun, but here are a few tips to avoid getting hurt. Surprise, surprise, it doesn’t work. Giving the message that an activity is normal and acceptable means inevitably that yet more people will engage in that activity.

“They have thus systematically promoted and incentivised an amoral sexual free-for-all - causing a rising tide of mass fatherlessness, damaged children, abused women, criminality, drug abuse and other social wreckage - and then wonder why their attempts to minimise the fall-out among sexualised under-age children fail to work”. Melanie Phillips - Daily Mail 2008

What ministers will not do is encourage the one form of education that does work, which is to teach children the value and importance of sexual continence within marriage and to help them to ‘just say no’.

George said...

Mac - even though there are only the three comments here on this monumentally important subject (personally I'm staggered - I thought there would be an avalanche of comments) do not let this topic go.

Don't let 'them' off the hook and get away with it! Somehow this has to be maintained in the public eye so that ordinary good people come out of their 'dumbed down slumber' and wake up to what is really going around them!

katiejames said...

Young people are less likely to face unplanned pregnancy and STIs if they are given all the facts. Abstinence-only sex education has been shown to fail utterly - in the US, for example, teenagers who have abstinence-only sex education are just as likely to have sex but less likely to use a condom, with one of the highest unplanned teenage pregnancy rates in the world.

Mulier Fortis said...

With all due respect, Katie, that is absolute rubbish.

We've had sex education in school since I was in school, and Britain has the highest teenage pregnancy rate in Europe. In the 13 years I've been teaching, condoms have been pushed and pushed at young people, with advice on where to get free contraceptives. It just doesn't work. STIs are steadily rising, so are teen pregnancies. After 30 years of sex education (it was pretty clear even back when I was in school) it's obviously not working. Providing more of the same and expecting a different result is just plain stupid.

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