Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Tagged For A Meme...

I didn't realise I'd been tagged until today, because Ches didn't actually let me know I'd been tagged, but just sat back and waited for me to find out.

I suppose it is easier than going round to everyone and leaving "tag" comments... but I'm sure it's cheating, really, as is wimping out and saying "you're tagged if you feel like it," as the meme thingy is a way to give people links to other blogs, especially little-known blogs. However, as I've done both in my time, I'm not criticising... honest!

Ok, this meme is seven things I love.

1. The Catholic Church

2. The Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite

3. Blogging

4. Reading (ideally by a roaring fire, with a cup of Green & Black's hot chocolate - none of your instant muck - with the wind howling outside and rain lashing against the windows... but central heating is an acceptable substitute for the roaring fire...)

5. Going out for lunch or dinner with friends

6. Caffeine (in any form - coffee, coca cola, hot chocolate, chocolate...)

7. Baileys on ice

Which leaves me with seven people to tag. Not easy, given that this meme has been doing the rounds for a while now...

Ok, I think I'll tag Richard, Fiorella, Laurence (aka Bones), Mike, Jane, Oliver and Adoro. Happy blogging!


Ches said...

I was merely following the bad example set by Berenike!

A fine list, Mac. No. 4 is a complete winner (with a dash of something extra warming in the choc!).

Patrick Sheridan said...

Hmmm good post Mac. I did one myself too, but I think I may have taken it a bit too seriously...

Mulier Fortis said...

Patricius - I noticed you'd done it already, which is why I didn't tag you... and tagging is a way to get noticed in the blogosphere (you tag more famous blogs, they check back and give you a link - hence the need to alert them to the fact they've been tagged, and you tag less famous blogs you read, and get them noticed!)

As for taking it too seriously, no, I don't think so... I rather enjoyed reading about your love for mushrooms (BTW, Sainsbury's does a very good mushroom risotto ready meal... one of my favourites for Fridays!)

Patrick Sheridan said...

Mac, thanks for the tip. I once tried a mushroom risotto from M&S and hated it, and usually their food is good quality...but I may try the Sainsbury's one, sounds better than paying the ridiculously expensive bill for cod and chips or having a boring cheese sandwich!

Fr. Z said...

I have never figured this out. How do you know if you are tagged? Do people e-mail or is it only posted on blogs?


Jane said...


Thanks a lot for tagging me and by doing it on that particular post, you've advertised my two blogs. That's at least two Baileys I owe you next time we meet!

Will put up my list later today!
I confess I don't know how to tag. How can I find out?!

God bless

Mulier Fortis said...

*gasps in shock and awe*

Fr. Z... a comment!! Wow...

People should let you know you've been tagged by posting in your comments box... occasionally they just skip this bit, and assume you will find out by reading the blog post, but really that only works if you do a search for links (and they've put in the link!)

Jane - The tagging is easy. You go along to the person's blog and leave them a message to let them know they've been tagged. It's kinder, if you post a lot, to supply a link to the actual post in which they were tagged, but not essential.

In your own post, you provide a link to the person who tagged you, and then you link to the blogs of the people you have tagged... this allows other readers to see their blogs.

Finally, you return to the person who tagged you to tell them you're done... again, this is polite, but not essential!

Hope that helps...

Jane said...

Thanks Mac, I'll try!

And wow! I've been mentioned in the same comment as Fr Z. I was amazed there was something to do with computers that he wasn't clear about!

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