Friday, 28 August 2009

Seven Things I'd Like To See Happen...

Patricius of Singulare Ingenium started a new meme: (well, he got the idea from another blog, but that wasn't a meme...)

"What are the seven things that we, as Catholics, want or would like to see happen?"

He then proceeded to give rather more than seven things, but, as it was his meme, I guess I'll let him get away with it...

The "as Catholics" bit is the crunch: there are rather a lot of things I'd like to see happen with regard to, say, the English education system, but that isn't something specifically Catholic.

1. I agree with His Hermeneuticalness on the UN declaring abortion and euthanasia to be crimes against humanity.

2. Catholic schools in England to ditch the National Curriculum, as well as ensuring that all Catholic teachers in Catholic schools take an oath of loyalty to the Holy Father and the Magisterium of the Church.

3. And, in fact, any organisation calling itself Catholic having to take an oath of loyalty to the Holy Father and the Magisterium of the Church.

4. Every parish to offer at least one Sunday Mass a week in the Extraordinary Form... obviously I would prefer more, but it's not everyone's cup of tea, so it'll do to be getting on with.

5. All hymn lyrics to be subject to the nihil obstat and imprimatur before they can be sung at Mass. I personally would like to get rid of pretty much anything written in the 1970s and 1980s, but again, I'll settle for weeding out the heretical ones.

6. Euphemistic Monsters to be forbidden at Mass: if there is only one priest, then Communion will just take a little longer, which merely increases the time available for prayers of preparation and/or prayers of thanksgiving.

7. A complete ban on priests saying anything to the congregation during Mass other than what is actually written in the Missal, except during the sermon.

I think that just about covers it...

Now, I will tag a few bodies. There were no instructions as to how many people to tag, but it's a seven things meme, so it feels as if seven is a good number.

Paulinus of In Hoc Signo Vinces - I figure his choices will be worth reading, and probably amusing as well.
Karen, the Oceanic Gem - we don't always see eye to eye on matters liturgical, so she should come up with some goodies.
Miss Ellen, who is musing on various miscellanea, because she, like me, is into cricket.
Ches, that sensible 007 chap, to make up for calling him a cad, and because he writes such great song lyrics.
Ttony in the Muniment Room, because he's been feeling under the weather, or so he intimated at the beginning of that post.
Jane, who is thinking at the Oasis, because she is doing great work on the Spiritual Motherhood of Priests initiative (more on that soon.)
Deo Volente, compiling lists of Traditional Latin Masses in Maryland, just in case he wants to have a go in between cutting and pasting Mass propers... though he probably won't.


Unknown said...

#6 is my favorite~ I couldn't agree more!
God Bless!

sekman said...

I really like #7, that would be a major improvement and would drastically cut down on the number of abuses.

gemoftheocean said...

Done. But I was wicked and did 14 things. I was on a roll. And I tagged everyone and his dog.

Matthaeus said...

Very well said. I concur.

#4 is particularly good - this would be about right to ensure that both forms of the Liturgy are available, while still maintaining that the classical Mass remains the 'Extraordinary Form'. I would add that the EF Mass must be at a convenient hour (to avoid some of the more esoteric Mass timings that we used to see in LMS listings!)

I also agree that #7 would remove many abuses at a stroke.

bobd said...

I endorse every one of your seven points.-- Not very original on my part. But #4 is a bit of a problem because no priest in my diocese knows Latin or is familiar with the "old rite". So I guess I'm stuck with the new one.

Patrick Sheridan said...

Thanks for posting Mac! And for pointing out that I did cheat somewhat...well a lot actually, but never mind! I agree with everything you say in fact. As regards education, I more or less had Catholic education in mind. Latin (at least) ought to be taught in Catholic schools, as it was taught to my mother, because that is the language of the Liturgy and the Universal Church.

Jane said...


Thanks for tagging me and for your comment here about me.

I've had a bad day with techno problems and work related to the Sp Mothers bolg. Just no time to follow up the tag. I'll try and do asap. That said you've just about got everything in your list that springs readily to my own mind.


Agreed, except that Latin should be taught in Year 7 in every Secondary school, and thereafter be an option for those who have shown aptitude. I have believed this throughout my 42 year career as an English teacher. It is elitist not to teach it!!

ashley said...

Great list...
Isn't #7 already supposed to be the way of teh liturgy?

Patricius said...

(of Porta Caeli) Some of these are REALLY worth fighting for!

The Woman of the House said...

Great points Mac. God bless.

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