Monday, 22 June 2009

Aren't There Any Real Catholics In Public Life...?

The Apostleship of the Sea, a charity which describes itself as an agency of the Catholic Church, has invited Cherie Blair to launch its annual appeal.

This is despite the fact that Mrs. Blair continues to attack Church teaching. I'm not referring to the legislation brought in by her husband, but to the stuff she herself has said and written.

A while back there was a rumour that Mrs. Blair was going to get a top Vatican job at the Pontifical Academy for Social Sciences... until it was pointed out by several blogs that she had happily supported the Family Planning Association at the Labour Party Conference, and had spoken out against Catholic teaching on contraception and women priests.

In an interview in yesterday's Sunday Telegraph, Cherie Blair said,

"...though I like to think of myself as a good Catholic, I couldn't have had the career I had without contraception. The fact is, even in Spain, France and Italy there must be a lot of Catholics who bend the rules."

For a start, failing to observe the teachings of the Church is not bending the rules. It is breaking them. Yes, I'm certain that many Catholics do break the commandments of the Church, but this is a matter for repentance and the confessional, not a reason to throw out the rules. One wouldn't want to throw out laws against fraud, for example, just because a lot of politicians seem to indulge in it...

That Mrs. Blair believes she can consider herself a "good" Catholic despite ignoring the teachings of the Church shows a serious lack of understanding. One would not be considered a "good" citizen if one blatantly and openly disobeyed the laws of the land. The laws of the Church are no less important.

If a charity wishes to have the endorsement of the Catholic Church, and the open access to parish-based collections and fund-raising opportunities which such endorsement affords, then that charity needs to ensure that its spokesmen do not openly contradict Church teaching.

John Smeaton suggests writing to Captain Paul Quinn, O.B.E, National Director, Apostleship of the Sea, to protest the decision to invite Cherie Blair to launch their annual appeal. This can be done by email or by letters sent to Herald House, 15 Lambs Passage, Bunhill Row, London, EC1Y 8LE.


Gan Ainm said...

When the huge majority of Catholics decide that the prohibition against contraception is wrong it's not time for you to read them out of the church, but for the church to reconsider the rule. So, to answer your question, yes,there are many real Catholics in public life, and Mrs. Blair is one.

George said...

Oh Mac!!!! No!!!

Just as I was closing down the computer for the day and a good day at that despite it being Monday, you had to go and spoil it all by putting Cherie Blair on your blog! AGHHHHHHHHH!

Yes, jolly good catholic she is, isn't she just, yada, yada, yada, yawn, yawn..... ZZzzzzz... zzzz.

She'd really be a credit to the church (together with hubby Tony) if she were simply to read and understand the Catechism - specifically on the issues of the sanctity of life from conception to natural death, contraception, homosexuality and sin.

Let's hope there's a Road to Damascus experience at some point in her life.

Jane Teresa said...

Thank you very much for drawing our attention to this, Mac. It seems that the problem of anti-life speakers being invited to apparently Catholic institutions is not only a problem in the United States.

It beggars belief, really. Your question as to whether there are any real Catholics in public life is particularly apt on the Feast of St. Thomas More (in the Novus Ordo, at least). It seems that there are many obstacles put in the way of orthodox Catholics who wish to pursue a vocation in politics.

The Bones said...

Was going to post on this but you beat me to it! Good blog post.

The answer.


Apart from Ann Widdecombe.

Adulio said...

So, to answer your question, yes,there are many real Catholics in public life, and Mrs. Blair is one.

If Mrs. Blair is a real Catholic, then the moon is made of cheese.

joannaB73 said...

Ann Widdecombe - she is a favourite of mine and shame she didn't get the position as Speaker of the House of Commons.

Et Expecto said...

The suggestion of writing to the Apostleship of the sea is a good one. I recommend it.

Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting that numbers /majority are arbiters of morality.
One reason why contraception is so wrong is that it reduces/treats a person, one's partner, as a mere OBJECT of pleasure.
As a Non Catholic - a prominent member of the Stock Exchange said to me several years ago in the presence of a fellow Cathlic who advocated contraception " Using Contraception is like treating your wifw like a cow"

Anonymous said...

Well said EF. Contraception destroys marriages. This is why divorce increases when a society accepts contraception.

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