Saturday, 18 April 2009

The Suppository's Attempts At Comedy...

This really is too funny. The Suppository is continuing its campaign against blogs. The editorial board must really have managed to get its collective underwear in a twist after the negative reaction in the Blogosphere to its underhand little piece about Blackfen.

The Editorial in this week's issue starts off with a high moral tone: those nasty political bloggers causing problems for Number 10. Tut, tut! The editorial then goes on to explain that blogs "were invented in America, where they still thrive, particularly among the political and religious right wing."

The tone of astonishment here is rather amusing... The editorial then settles down to its main thrust... "In Britain, too, there are Catholic bloggers, again often right-wing, polemical and vituperative."

Then a note of hysteria can be detected in what follows... "The targets in this case often seem to include The Tablet, in some sort of fantastical conspiracy with the bishops."

Oh dear. The Suppository feels a little bit "got at" does it? I wonder why that might be? After all, until Elena Curti did her (badly written) hatchet piece on Fr. Finigan and the parish of Blackfen, the majority of bloggers outside the UK had never heard of the publication.

The only "conspiracy with the bishops" is the one which allows The Suppository to call itself a Catholic publication despite consistently attacking the Holy Father and continuing to dissent from Catholic teaching in matters regarding marriage, sexuality and contraception (among other things) without being called to account by those Bishops... in fact, so far is it from being called to account by the Hierarchy that this dreadful rag is even on sale in our Cathedrals...

Two sentences in particular had me laughing until the tears ran: "Generally, blogs are far from an idealised forum for an exchange of intelligent ideas that would be constructive. More often they indulge in straight poison-pen character assassination without reference to any requirements of accuracy or balance."

Pots. Kettles. 'Nuff said!

Twitch of the mantilla to Damian Thompson, and The Sensible Bond who appear to find the editorial equally entertaining!

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Rachel said...

I was going to say something about how silly it is for the big bad Tablet to go chasing after little blogs. Then I realized its circulation is probably lower than the readership of those blogs. No wonder they're perturbed.

"Pots. Kettles. 'Nuff said!"

Great closing line. :)

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