Saturday, 7 March 2009

A Foretaste Of The Heavenly Banquet...

This morning saw Blackfen's monthly Missa Cantata with the visiting schola. I haven't ever been at an Ember Day Mass before (at least, not consciously) but I had been warned that it was a long service due to the five readings, four graduals and a canticle (along with about seven collects) which preceeded the Epistle.

I was amazed at how quickly the time seemed to pass: the liturgy was beautiful, and there was, for me, a real sense of the numinous. As Fr. Tim said in his sermon, this is what heaven is all about: the worship of God for all eternity.

I took a few photos: of the Mass itself, and of Benediction which followed. Enjoy!

We had so many servers for Benediction that they barely fitted in the photo... I shall have to consider moving back a couple of pews!

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Vincenzo said...

Beautiful pics! Thanks :)

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