Thursday, 12 February 2009

Wow... I Had A Good Idea!

I mentioned before that the Sisters of the Gospel of Life have an appeal going to help pay for their new car. They need a car. You can't deliver cots and furniture and such-like on a bicycle.

I pointed out that the lack of a PayPal account was probably a disadvantage... For example, I can't quite remember where my cheque book is at the moment, and so few places accept them these days that I'm sure I'm not alone.

Well, the Sisters thought I might be onto something, and they have gone and rectified the situation. So you can visit their blog and click on the button. Easy.

By the way, I suggest you do it before Fr. Tim sends "the boys" round to see you...

1 comment:

Adrienne said...

Yep!! PayPal is the way to go! Thanks to you they'll have their car in no time. I'm on my way now!

I tried to order some FOCA post cards from the National Committee for Human Life (part of the USCCB) and it was so antiquated that I actually ended up having to call them. PayPal is soooooo simple!

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