Monday, 14 April 2008

Barbie Appeal...

Whoops! Not that sort of Barbie, apparently!!

The Sisters of the Gospel of Life are running an appeal. At the moment they have lots of Barbie and Action Man dolls which need clothes before they can be given to the older children of the families the Sisters sometimes help.

There are a few requirements: the clothing for the Barbie dolls needs to be suitably modest. We're not talking nuns' habits (though you never know!) but none of the really tarty stuff. And the clothing for the Action Man figures needs to be non-military... many of the children are refugees, and have had unpleasant experiences with various militia.

The Sisters thought that this might make a project for someone who likes sewing. Or, alternatively, various dolls' clothes are sold at jumble sales and boot sales. Or you might consider buying new stuff (if you can find any clothes without the dolls, that is!)

The address for sending any items is:
The Sisters of the Gospel of Life, 106 Dixon Avenue,


Mixieblob said...

Funny, I was talking to someone during the week how Mattel should do a Sister Barbie with different habits. It could catch on.

Cathy said...


gemoftheocean said...

:-D Those are nuns talking when they say no military uniforms for the action men. Even for boys who've had refuge experiences! Do that politically correct "take away the toy guns" business and I'll show you a bunch of boys who are going to make "guns" out of sticks and pointed fingers. I don't see that a little counter insurgency fantasy would necessarily hurt. At least they could think that when they are grown up, they might band together in the first place to keep thugs from overrunning the country!

GI Joe without a uniform. Sure, sister! ;-D

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