Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Oh, Mr Prime Minister, You Are Spoiling Us...

It would appear that Mr. Brown is feeling generous. His "generosity" leaves me feeling somewhat underwhelmed.

Gordon Brown has decided to drop the whip on parts of the Human Fertilisation & Embryology Bill. Labour MPs will be allowed a "free" vote. Just on three clauses, mind you. Generosity is not to be over-indulged. Once those three clauses have been either accepted or rejected, he says that Labour MPs must back the Bill.

At least one MP, Claire Curtis Thomas, has indicated that she has no intention of backing any bill which does not square with her conscience. I hope that more MPs will refuse to give in to such a patronising compromise which is, in truth, no compromise at all.

I cannot understand why the media are reporting this as a "climb down" by the Prime Minister, who only allowed the free vote after it was made clear by the whips that the Bill had enough support to pass anyway.


Anonymous said...

It hurts my head...I'm glad you are keeping up with it Mac..someone must..many thanks!

George said...

The sooner Mr Brown gets 'dropped' together with his idiotic Frankensteinian bill the better. What does he know about medical science anyway??? Spouting on about this 'vital research will make history of terrible diseases like Parkinsons, cancer etc... etc....' We've been hearing about this for 15 years and guess what - embryonic stem cell research is no nearer curing Parkinsons than it was then. It's all politics, politics and more politics. Meanwhile the devil is very happy because we continue to throw the most vulnerable human beings into the laboratory dustbins - the human embryo. Oh, silly me, I forgot it's NOT a human being, just pretending to be.

Funny how if left intact this apparently 'non' human being, the embryo turns out to be.... well.. a human being! Doesn't grow into a lettuce, gerbil or duck billed platypus!

Mr Brown if you really want to contribute a legacy to British medical science then do something radical! Scrap abortion and abortuaries, stop euthanasia, plough loads of money into hospices and palliative care, stop scrapping hospitals, sack useless pen-pushing paper shuffling middle managers, give Matron the rule of the ward, hand back to doctors and nurses the true meaning of the Hippocratic Oath - to save and preserve life and NOT destroy it!

Mr Brown - be a real LEADER not a 'celebrity wanna'be primadonna'.

James M said...

Maybe much of the media is in bed with the mad scientists? The Times ran a report today about a supposedly Catholic scientist who said the potential for good of embryo research was so great that it was fine to go ahead.

So here we have a scientist declaring the ends justify the means. I thought that was debunked long ago.

Yet he also claims to be Catholic. Has he not read Pope John Paul II's works on love? Does he know the opposite of loving someone is using them, that to make an instrument of someone is a violation of their dignity?

And while it is one thing to make an instrument of someone (being imperfect we all use each other to a degree), how insane it is to actually create people for the very purpose of being nothing more than an instrument. How un-Catholic can you get.

To be honest, I don't know where the pressure for the HFE Bill is coming from. If it were simply greed for patenting cures for diseases (or even just a worthy desire to discover cures) then the smart money is going to umbilical and adult stem cells.

Maybe I am overlooking something, but I think there is a longer term agenda...like not just screening embryos but designing them, or even variations on cloning. Frightening as it is, there would be lots of money to be made there.

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