Saturday, 23 February 2008

Refurbished Lady Chapel

The great thing about half term is that it gives me a little time to catch up with old friends. I went for a very enjoyable lunch with Fr. Richard Whinder this afternoon. Fr. Whinder went through a phase on the blogosphere when, although neither writing a blog nor commenting on other people's blogs, he got pretty wide coverage. He doesn't want that coverage to recur, but he did consent to being photographed in the recently refurbished Lady Chapel in the parish church of St. Joseph's, New Malden, where he is Assistant Priest.

I took some pictures on my last visit, but had an attack of the blondes and pressed the wrong button or something, so didn't manage to show the chapel as it was a year ago. However, I didn't make the same mistake this time.

The arch around Our Lady is a mosaic of the rosary, with five decades shown. The crown was made for the statue in the 1950s, I think, and the sanctuary lamps are new. It's fabulous to see that churches are being made to look beautiful for the worship of God and the veneration of the saints.


Anonymous said...

He's still famous, Mac! I spotted him somewhere else recently.

The Chapel is looking fantastic! Sterling job by all involved!

God bless,

EC Gefroh said...

Mac, you've been tagged again (for a book meme).

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Thanks for the Fr. Whinder update! I wondered where he'd been. He's a ROCK STAR!

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