Thursday, 28 February 2008

HFE Bill...

The relentless progress of this Bill strikes me as nothing less than diabolical. I received an email earlier today from a priest who suggested that every priest in the country should offer a Mass for its defeat.

There is more information to be found on the England & Wales website.
I would extend that: as many Catholics as possible should ask for a Mass Intention to be said for the defeat the Human Fertilisation & Embryology Bill.

Time to do some serious storming of the pearly gates.


Anonymous said...

I will be offering Holy Mass on Tuesday for this intention.

I really don't think that many people have taken on the enormity of what this dreadful and frightening Bill will permit under the law. Many of our copies of the briefing notes etc. and the letter of Cormac Cardinal Murphy O'Connor have been left behind. I fear that under this appaling government with its relentless culture of death and 'nanny state' agenda, many people think that it will not make an iota of difference if they write to the legislature.

So many of our bishops rabbit on about 'livesimply', 'being Church' etc....why are they not teaching the (undiluted) Faith and insisting that priests do the same? Many people just don't realise why what the Bill proposes is so morally unacceptable.

James M said...

Does the HFE Bill make you feel like a stranger on planet earth? If the media treated it like an invasion of a hostile military, then I might still think England was sane. Yet Parliament sleeps as it did in the 1930s.

What is going on?

Creating children without fathers. Creating animal-human hybrids. This will destroy society and our government is cheering it on.

Mind you, as stunned as I am by England's madness, I am equally sure that Christ through the Church will restore all things.

Strangers on planet earth? pilgrims.

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