Wednesday, 21 November 2007


Apparently the early episodes of Sesame Street have been classed as adult-only viewing.

Yes, that's right... Sesame Street. The kids' programme with the big yellow bird and other muppet-like creatures, brought to you by the letter "Zee" and the number "seven"... I laughed so much when I heard it on the radio this morning that I nearly crashed the car.

The reason?

Simple. Cookie Monster is terribly un-PC, as he's seen gobbling cookies (obesity alert) and smoking (uh-oh... don't even go there!) and there's a character called Bert who was suffering from depression...

You really couldn't make this stuff up...


Brendan Allen said...

But Mac, haven't you seen the TRUTH as explained in the above-quoted website???

Let me begin by stating that I have not watched an episode of Sesame Street for a VERY long time, but I do remember a character named Mister Snuffelupagus, a character who, as you all know, was seen by Big Bird, but by no one else, and all the adults in the series believed that Mister S was a figment of Big Bird's imagination.

Years later, someone had a thought; watching Mister S and Big Bird can give young kids the impression that when they have something important to say to adults, then the adults will not believe them.

So Mister S was "outed", and finally seen by the adult characters.

But of course, the REAL problem with Ernie and Bert is the fact that they share living quarters, so they must be a gay couple; so obviously we can't be showing that to young impressionable kids!

Andrew said...

That's ridiculous. I grew up on Sesame Street and I can say that watching it now is freakin hilarious. I particularly like the Count. =)

It's that same gender relationship promoting Teletubbies that ought to be banned.

Cathy said...

I watch SS all the time, and I can attest to the fact that Cookie Monster now eats a fair amount of fruits in addition to COOOOKIESSSS.
And it DOES drive me crazy that everyone can see Snuffy now - he made me realize that having an imaginary friend wasn't that big of a deal. I think they did more harm than good by outing him.
Also, Oscar is MUCH less offensive now - more pleasant, etc. I remember being terrified of him as a kid. Now, he's just another character, which stinks.

But it's still a pretty good show.
Just yesterday, they did a segment which was a takeoff on "Desperate Housewives" called "Desperate Houseplants."

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