Monday, 10 September 2007

Not So Innocent...!

Oh bother! I really enjoy "Innocent Smoothies" - I can even tolerate the fact that I might "catch" a vitamin or two... But, I see on Facebook that:

"The Innocent Foundation is a grant giving charity, set up by Innocent Drinks, that works in partnership with community based projects and NGOs.

One of the charities they support is Womankind, a group that promotes abortion."

It's worth telling Innocent that funding abortion (even second-hand) is likely to lose them customers. Not to mention bringing the "Innocent" trademark into disrepute! It is possible to email or go to the website.


Anonymous said...

I think it is really very difficult to be a totally 'pure' ethical consumer. For a start we seldom even know who really owns some of these 'ethical' or 'green' companies. Another issue is that we don't always know if they even give a proportion of the profits to charities and which ones.

The Media today is full of stuff about the death of Anita Roddick of 'Body Shop' fame. The word 'ethical' is being bandied about as if it was going out of fashion (actually, in retailing it probably is!). Anita Roddick gave millions to charities, yes she did. She gifted £50 Millions two years ago. The Big Issue was one recipient, but so also were several 'woman's choice' charities including Planned Parenthood.

People like Anita Roddick, and the founders of Innocent, are people of their generation and class and culture. Roddick went to Sussex Uni (my old Alma Mater)and was a hippy flower child. Their values are not our values is what I am saying here.

Unfortunately though, I absolutely loathe Domino Pizzas!

Miles Mariae said...

I sent her an e-mail and she promptly replied. I imagine you received the same response, that is, "Thank you for your email. We are going to talk to WOMANKIND about the
issues you have raised and we'll get back to you by the end of this

la mamma said...

I second your 'oh bother'. Innocent Smoothies used to be an exception to the 'illegal, immoral or it makes you fat' definition of life's pleasures. Alas, no more. Couldn't you have just found out that they actually make you fat? I would have doubled my intake... though then I'd be broke - they're pretty expensive too, aren't they? Perhaps I should ear-mark the money I'm going to save and send it to the Cardinal Winning Pro-Life Initiative...

Phil said...

I'm a huge 'Innocent' drinker. Thanks for bringing this to light.

Abortion is so readily accepted by folks these days, especially when referred to by its many pseudonymns that make it sound more acceptible.

I shall email and point out that they have lost a customer until they drop 'Womankind' from their list. However, doesn't it offend you, as a woman, that these Pro-Choice (sic) folks have hyjacked femininity for their own abbortionist agenda? I feel, sometimes, that I'm being sexist against women, when I out myself as Pro-Life, viz, as a male, I have no right to comment on women's issues, etc.

Mulier Fortis said...

Don't worry, Philip... sometimes I think I'm totally anti-feminist myself!

la mamma said...

Re. 'as a male I have no right to comment on women's issues', Philip, it's only when the babies are ignored that abortion is a 'women's issue' - you have just as much right to stand up for the unborn child as a woman does. Anyway, one can't win even as a woman: before I was married, when advocating NFP I was told, 'it's alright for you, you're not even married' (not quite what was said but you get the idea) then, when married, 'it's alright for you, you're ready to have children'. Being very polite, I didn't say, 'well ya-ha, learn, then: sex makes babies!' Now, several years' of perfectly-working NFP on, the voices have gone quiet as many of those contraceptive-using friends have had 'mistakes'. I thank God, though, that they have brought them to birth. Oh, how we must continue to storm heaven on behalf of the unborn!

Phil said...

Indeed. What some 'progressive' and liberal women can't understand is that it is not just about their bodies. That there is another human life involved. It seems as clear as day to me, yet heavy scales weigh down on these pro-abortion advocates.

But hey, I'm just being mysoginistic - wishing to dominate womankind with my patriarchy-inspired notions of right and wrong. So, sod the unborn child then! So much for the Feminist notion of a supreme 'mutuality' for all humanity.

Anne said...

This is the reply I received from Innocent from my blazing email about them supporting abortion etc.
I have replied to this email.

Hello Anne

We're sorry that you're upset with one of the NGOs that the innocent foundation supports.

We've talked with WOMANKIND about your concerns and they wanted the opportunity to confirm the scope of their projects globally, which are to:

- reduce violence against women

- increase women’s civil and political participation

- inform and influence policy and practice at local, national and international levels

The particular project the innocent foundation supports is their Irula project in Tamil Nadu, India, which works with tribal women and communities helping them rebuild their lives after the Tsunami. This project aims to improve the economic situation of Irula women through income generating activities along with alternative employment opportunities. It also seeks to promote knowledge, understanding and skills relating to women's rights, in particular to live without fear of violence and the right to participate and be involved at all levels of life in their communities.

We hope this clarifies the issue.

With best wishes


Anonymous said...

'Women's rights', eh? I always wonder just which rights are meant when spokespeople use that term.

But maybe I'm being overly paranoid. In either case, I'm sticking firmly with P&J for my smoothies from now on. Or until a similar story about them breaks, anyway. Thanks for the tip-off, Mac!

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