Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Abortion: Is The Tide Turning At Last?

...Probably not. But I was encouraged to read the following articles.

Amanda Platell from the Daily Mail has a good article on why she, as a feminist, believes that abortion should be a last resort, with a reduction of the upper age limit. I do not agree with much of what she has written - for example, I do not believe that quite so many women were killed through backstreet abortions (the majority of which were carried out by "sympathetic" doctors.) But it is interesting to read her comments on how the ready availability of abortion and the view of it as just another form of contraception have turned her against it. She also makes a pertinent point about how abstinance is the best method of contraception, and that the Catholic Church is vilified for daring to say so.

Steve Doughty, also from the Daily Mail reports how 70% of women want to stop abortion after thirteen weeks. Support for limits to the number and time-limit of abortions is apparently coming mostly from women, young people aged under 24, and pensioners.

Finally, there is a poll by the Daily Mail asking about limits to abortion. The first option is actually 0 weeks, but because of the numbering of options it looks like ten weeks. At the time of writing, the poll stood at 42% at zero weeks (ie. no abortion), 43% at thirteen weeks, and 15% want the limit to remain at 24 weeks.

You can see the poll HERE. Twitch of the mantilla to Chris Hack who set up the Post-Faith Conference Pro-Life Support Group on Facebook.


PlainCatholic said...

Let us continue to pray for the end to this holocaust. May God grant distressed mothers hope and courage to give birth.

Anonymous said...

Not only is the Daily Mail censoring its own stories but it isn't publishing all of the comments being posted as requested. I for one wrote in as this issue is a 'hot' one. Funny how they are only printing the PC correct comments as well as those that take a pro-choice, it's a woman's right or just plain 'ole apple pie middle ground.

This really galls me as their comments box says '12 comments posted so far' (8.20pm). Well I posted mine about four hours ago and nothing! I bet hundreds of people have written in - especially pro-lifers. Would love to hear from other bloggers.
12 comments - geeesh!

Thanks Mac.

Red Maria said...

No the tide is NOT turning. Popular opinion may be with us (nothing new) but Pro-Life political influence is nil (ditto).
If anything were to change, Pro-Lifers would have to get out of their self-imposed ghetto, stop gabbing to themselves and start arguing their case before the court of public opinion and that means in the toughest fora.
Why don't I see any of you commenting on non-Catholic, non-Pro-Life blogs? Why don't you argue your case among liberals, leftwingers and secularists? They're the people we have to convince.
And you know what? If any of you did engage with that milieu you might find out that sympathy for pro-lifeism occurs in the most surprising places.
Ever popped in at Harry's Place? Hardcore secularists to a man. But one blogger there put some of our people to shame by carefully, forensically taking apart a pro-abortion exremist's case in the comments box.
Ever asked yourselves why popular support for pro-lifeism isn't reflected in political representation? Its called political organisation and we aren't doing it.
Were any of you aware of the anti-Catholic smear campaign one of the Labour Party deputy leadership candidates was facing between October 2006 and June 2007? There were blatant attempts to derail a deputy leadership contender's campaign on the basis of comments he made in an interview in The Universe - in other words, to impose a religion test on politicians in one of the UK's two major political parties in the 21st century - and Catholic blogs didn't say a thing about it. Of course they didn't. They didn't even know it was happening.
And then we wonder why we can't effect political change.

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