Monday, 30 April 2007

More Motu Speculation

I really, really tried to resist this continued speculation about when the Motu Proprio freeing up the Classical Rite Mass would be released. The latest date seems to be May 5th because it's the Feast of St. Pius V (ooooh, umm, I thought that was today??), and apparently someone's friend was told by someone else who heard it from their second cousin twice removed... that the Holy Father told Alice von Hildebrand it was going to be 5th May...

I have no idea who Alice von Hildebrand is, so why the Holy Father would tell her is a complete mystery...

Anyway, if it is the 5th May, Fr. Tim will be spitting feathers... he's out there at the moment, probably lurking with intent near the Press Office, but he flies back on Friday, which means that he'll miss all the fun.

Anyhow, as a consolation prize, I'd recommend playing Motu-Pool. You'll find a game card and the rules over at the Curt Jester's pad.


Jeff Miller said...

I would recommend reading up on Alice von Hildebrand. She was the wife of the late Dietrich Von Hildebrand who was a Catholic philosopher and author of some classics such as "Transformation in Christ" Hitler at one time called him one of his greatest enemies and he barely escaped being captured.

His wife though is quite the philosopher in her own right and has published various books and multiple articles appearing in Catholic Magazines. She has quite the wit and is very funny to listen to when she relates her years as a professor.

Cathy said...

Alice von Hildebrand is a genius theologian, and the wife of the late genius theologian (and German)Dietrich von Hildebrand, who was called by Pius XII a "20th C. Doctor of the Church."
She is the author of "The Privilege of Being a Woman", and many other books.
I can TOTALLY see why B16 might let her know first - I've no doubt she's in his inner circle.
Check her out - you'll love her!

Kasia said...

Alice von Hildebrand is a philosopher and theologian, and the widow of Dietrich von Hildebrand, who wrote Transformation in Christ (and probably quite a few other things). Dr. von Hildebrand spoke at our archdiocesan women's conference last fall. She's a big proponent of a traditional Catholic view of womanhood - she even has a book called The Privilege of Being a Woman which I keep meaning to read.

Anyway, she's a remarkable woman. And I suppose she and Pope Benedict may be personally acquainted...though why she would've spilled the beans about the Motu Proprio if she was indeed told about it is beyond me.

Mulier Fortis said...

Kasia, I have to admit, that's the bit that has me flummoxed...

...if the Pope told me something like that, I'd feel that I had to keep schtum.

Anonymous said...

ooooh, umm, I thought that was today??

Mac, my Breviary...and the Dominicans at the University..says it's today!

Cathy said...

I can say this for certain.
If the Holy Father told AvH something in confidence, she did not disclose it.
Or, rumours, if you will.
If AvH had a meeting with the Pope recently, and some rumormongering "in-the-know" Vatican-watcher saw, you can bet that person would not hesitate to spread a little gossip, maybe for fun, maybe for spite.
My point is, AvH would not disclose a secret told her by the Pope, there's not a doubt in my mind.
She is fiercely loyal to him.

Simon-Peter Vickers-Buckley said...

Mrs von Hildebrand assisted at Mass at my parish last year. She spoke too. It was clear (if one didn't already know) her attitude to the Novus Ordo...not favourable.

FYI: If you search the audio archives on EWTN under hildebrand or groeschel you should come up with a lot of stuff.

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