Thursday, 29 March 2007

Back To "Civilisation"

Well, I'm home again after a really good retreat.

I wasn't as strict as I could have been... I allowed myself to check my email as I was waiting for some important (time sensitive) information. However, apart from this, briefly showing off my blog to the others in the evening, and looking up two sets of funny stories to entertain the troops, I was pretty much incommunicado... (something I made sure of by switching to "flight mode" - no, not designed for executives on the run, but a nifty little switch which allows you to use things like the documents and camera without running the risk of crashing an aeroplane's navigation system!!)

I did play with the camera, and I think I'm getting better at keeping my hand still when taking photos, and using the light settings rather than just using the default one.

This could be a really long and involved post, so I might separate it into sections. I took a lot of photos - the weather was glorious for the first two days - and even after ruthless editing, I have more photos than I can shake a stick at!

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