Sunday, 16 October 2011

Hunting Licence...

I arrived home late from church this evening after stopping off to visit Leutgeb for a quick cup of tea and a natter. I discovered a note, taped to my door, from my cat-loving neighbour:

Dear Mac,
Miaowrini caught a large pigeon or a small seagull and dragged it in through the catflap - it was still alive - and I'm sorry I couldn't stop her, as she was too quick for me.

I entered the flat with caution. No evidence left in the hall. I saw three feathers in the kitchen. I checked my bedroom - all clear. Nothing in the bathroom. The sitting room, on first inspection, seemed pretty undisturbed.

I then pulled the armchair to one side and checked under the side table...

(I removed the corpse before taking the photo...)

Anyway, on the advice of Fr. Z, I have decided to keep a tally of the kittens' conquests.

So far, the kitties have notched up the following -

pigeon (live) - 4
baby blackbird (live) - 1
mouse (live) - 5
stag beetle (live) - 6

pigeon (dead) - 4
mouse (dead) - 3
stag beetle (dead) - 1

I may have missed out a couple of mice and stag beetles...


Just another mad Catholic said...

Does anyone remember Tom Lehrer's "Hunting Song"?

Londiniensis said...

Re Mad Catholic's question, Miaowrini still has a way to go: two game wardens, seven hunters and a cow!

Matthaeus said...

I can't help imagining you painting little pictures of the 'kills' on your front door, like they used to do on the noses of WW2 bombers...

... Perhaps you should try it, and maybe include the odd double glazing salesman for dramatic effect!


Faith said...

I think my cat can top that. In the past few months: 2 dead mice, 1 live chipmunk, 1 bird, 1 snake, too many to count moths.
And why do I think Dallas is a better hunter? She's an indoor cat and never goes out!

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