Monday, 5 September 2011

Urgent Appeal For Help...

My eyes are propped open with matchsticks right now, and I'm desperate to get to bed, but I just had to respond to this one - Clare from the Good Counsel Network has sent out an urgent and heartfelt plea for help.

Good Counsel (in much the same way as the Cardinal Winning Pro-Life Initiative) puts its money where its mouth is, and gives actual practical help to mothers in crisis pregnancies. These mothers would possibly have felt that there was no alternative to abortion without the help they receive from Good Counsel, and so the work that is done really does save lives.

I don't know if the Good Counsel Network would appreciate donations of actual goods via Amazon (as has been advertised before for the Sisters of the Gospel of Life when they have had an appeal) but funds are perilously low, so any money you can spare would be gratefully received.

The threat to the unborn is higher than ever, especially now. We need to show that we offer support for mothers who choose to keep their babies rather than have an abortion - something Marie Stopes and BPAS would never do. Please, please, help if you can, and everyone please pray for the work to succeed.


Yorkmum said...

In case anyone would like some extra encouragement to donate, a young man called David is undertaking a gruelling solo journey along the Thames Path Way (184 miles) over 8 days in early October. He is carrying all his own kit and is carrying out the walk to raise money for the Good Counsel Network. If anyone felt minded to support his efforts and the GCN here is the link to his justgiving page

Genty said...

I had a tax rebate recently - wonders will never cease - and sent off a donation in thanksgiving.
It's one of those good causes one would expect bishops to recommend enthusiastically as a second collection.
Or Catholic schools to encourage sponsorship among their eager and energetic students.
Well done, David.

Good Counsel said...

Thank you so much for highlighting this and yes we are happy to accept donations of cash, of second hand goods, or of new goods which you can find a list of one amazon here:

Donated Goods ordered online need to be delivered to 15 Maple Grove, London NW9 8RD.

Thanks again, Clare

cath said...

Thanks so much for this timely reminder for prayers and practical help, particularly in view of the depressing news today from the House of Commons

Good Counsel said...

Apparantly that link isn't working and it should be

Zephyrinus said...

Thank you, Mac, for the timely prompt. Always a pleasure and a privilege to be able to contribute to the Divine work of the Good Counsel Network.

The Little Ones are smiling !!!

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