Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Are They Reading My Blog...?

...Probably not, but it did amuse me to note that, just one week after my blog post bemoaning the lack of progress on introducing the new translation of the Mass, the Bishops have made an announcement.

Yes, the new translation is due to make its official debut in England and Wales in September. That gives us plenty of time to check out the new website and watch the introductory DVD - all six hours' worth of experts talking us through what it all means - before the new Missal is published in Advent.

Like I said before, I feel prepared already because I passed my English Language and English Literature 'O' Levels many, many years ago (with flying colours, I might add...) Having said that, some people like listening to DVDs from the Bishops' Conference.

Twitch of the mantilla to Mark Greaves of the Catholic Herald.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I reckon the Bishops are scared of you.

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