Thursday, 23 December 2010

A Word To The Wise...

I spotted this on Paulinus' blog yesterday. It is, indeed, a cautionary tale...

First, a 51 year-old health food nut advocate:

Next, a 50 year-old cook who loves butter, cream and meat:

Admittedly, the 50 year-old is unique. I, too, love butter, eggs, cream and meat, but I don't look as good as her. Sadly, I'm not even as good looking as the 51 year-old... but that's another story!

1 comment:

Genty said...

Yes, the roundheads and cavaliers of nutrition. Funny how the roundheads always look so cross.
It must be all that proselytising that does it.
Still, a bit of airbrushing would do the trick.
btw I hope the kitkats are recovering from their op.
Happy Christmas to you and them and all.

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