Thursday, 23 July 2009

"New Mass" Given The Once-Over...

Seraphic Spouse did a series of brilliant posts on attending the Usus Antiquior Mass: I put up links to all four of them. She has now turned her attention to her memories of the Novus Ordo, or "Nervous" Ordo as one of my friends likes to call it.

Five parts, and counting (we've only reached the Eucharistic Prayer... a reflection, perhaps, of how wordy and cumbersome the Novus Ordo appears to those of us who love the Usus Antiquior?) Anyway, I shall update this post when the rest of the Mass makes an appearance!

In the meantime, check out: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5.

UPDATE: The final section, Part 6, has arrived. Check it out!


PatterNoster said...

It really annoys me how some, particularly yourself, continue to utterly destroy the NO. What do you think Christ thinks of this? You continue to undermine what His Church has instituted and therefore you continue to undermine Him. And it is the Rite itself that you undermine and not the way that it can potentially be celebrated ie badly. You never talk about its potential to be celebrated badly, you simply talk about how bad the Rite itself is.

Further, you are at risk of alienating those attached to the NO (ie. the vast majority of the Church), and you most certainly seem to imply your own superiority (you only have to read your blog) through your attendence of the EF.

Mrs McLean said...

Thank you for the lovely traffic, Mac!

Adulio said...

Nervous Ordeal?

Mulier Fortis said...

PatterNoster - I'm sorry you think I'm destroying the NO Mass... I most certainly am not: priests who celebrate it badly (ie. not according to the rubrics) are doing that.

I attend Mass in both forms, and am happy to do so: I just prefer the beauty of the Usus Antiquior, with its greater opportunity for silent reflection.

The NO Mass, by the way is not a separate Rite, as you imply - I suggest you read Summorum Pontificum carefully.

However, the ICEL translations have a lot to do with my attitude to the NO Mass - much of the meaning was stripped out in the English translation, and this is shortly to be rectified in the new translation, something I look forward to.

As for alienating those attached to the Novus Ordo, I have never called for the Novus Ordo to be abolished, or only allowed under special circumstances, and with permission of the Ordinary, on the third Sunday of the month at 4pm... something devotees of the Usus Antiquior have had to put up with for the past forty years.

I do not believe that I am superior to anyone because I attend Mass in the Extraordinary Form; I would write about bad EF Masses if I had ever experienced any.

I also do not force anyone to read my blog - if you don't like what I write, that's your problem.

Mrs McLean said...

Oh dear. In my series, I am clear that when done correctly and by the book, the Novus Ordo is a perfectly lovely liturgy. But it can be rendered ridiculous by its ministers, which is the point of my posts. The E.F. can be a painful experience for worshippers if the choir is terrible, but in the E.F. undisciplined priests do not have as much scope for intruding their personalities on the Mass.

Mrs McLean said...

Incidentally, "patter noster" is a great description of how too many priest riff on the prescribed words of the Mass.

John from Pomeroy on the Palouse said...

Thanks for your post and link. Like you said, briliant posts. I've now added another bookmark to my Catholic bloggers.

Pomeroy on the Palouse (USA)

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