Monday, 8 June 2009

More Evidence To Be Ignored...

The mainstream media are very good at ignoring unpleasant news... or rather, I should say, ignoring news which doesn't support the slant they want to convey (as with HIV/AIDS and condoms.) It is why the interweb-thingy in general (and blogging in particular) is so very helpful.

A lot has been said about the need for research into embryonic stem cell therapies for various degenerative diseases. Opposition to such research is totally inhumane (or so the argument goes) because those diseases are so dreadfully devastating, one has to be totally uncaring, and a right monster, to ignore the suffering... yada, yada...blah, blah...

Of course, what is never mentioned is the inconvenient truth that adult stem cell research is providing lots of indications of successful therapy... while the embryonic stuff has yet to provide any evidence of success at all...

Check out these articles from LifeSite News...

Adult Stem Cells Found to Cure Blindness – Three Patients Cured

Success Stories with Adult Stem Cells Coming in Almost Too Fast to Track


Matthaeus said...

Very well put!

I recall attending a lecture about stem cell research a couple of years back, and hearing about the progress that had been made - nearly all the practical successes were from adult stem cell work. The embryonic research was far more nebulous.
The main arguements for using embryonic stem cells seem to be that adult cells are often partially differentiated when they are harvested, and so limited in what can be done with them. Surely it would be more appropriate direct reseach towards ways to catch adult stem cells (which have some proven track record of usefulness)at an earlier stage of development (and, of course, avoiding any ethical and moral issues), than hoping for as yet unproven wonders from needless killing.

Elizabeth said...

'adult stem cell research is providing lots of indications of successful therapy... while the embryonic stuff has yet to provide any evidence of success'

absolutely right Mac, except that adult stem cell research is not partaker in the baby killing mania - which society has accepted as the norm. Satan wants abortions and then gives the murderers and those supporting it, a feel good factor arguing that the death of the baby can be used to save the life of others????? Twisted, sick mentality.
Abortion has terrible repercussions which are much more common than in the past, as Fr Amorth has seen during exorcisms, and to liberate a victim who is guilty of abortion often requires a very long period of time. This often leads to the devastation of the family and even greater laxity of morals.

So I guess the chief promoter of this 'embryonic stuff' is as always satan and all his minions.
What a surprise??????

Napa Needlepoint said...

I have MS, one of those diseases that is often touted as "needing" embryonic stem cell research.

But I'm so against it, adult stem cell therapies so much more promise more quickly.

It fries me that the MS Community doesn't support this and ostracizes people who take my position. And that, at least here in the US, this promising therapy is not considered or researched (but it is in the UK).

The spiritual "promoter" aside, I think that one reason is that drugs which come from embryos can be patented and make drug companies tons. But a therapy based on using a person's own stem cells cannot be patented, so no money to be made and therefore no support of research from the drug companies.

Anonymous said...


They might say that just to prove they have to use embryos, but actually, adults can give cells for research and sign a waver that they don't expect anything in return.

I'm guessing that the big companies are being paid heaps NOT to use adult stem cells.

Father George bloggingLOURDES

George said...

Yet more evidence which is totally ignored Mac is that Sex Education is a waste of time!

This is the latest 'crazy stuff' dreamt up in this Country of ours that has become nothing less than a parody of the Mad Hatters Tea Party!

Dr. Philip Ney, a retired professor of psychiatry with wide academic and clinical experience, wrote, "The more sex education, the more sexual activity. It is quite conclusive now, that the more sex education, the more sexual activity and all the problems that go with that".

( - The UK Department for Children, Schools and Families has announced a new program that will give boys as young as 12 a condom "credit card", or "C-card", allowing them to receive free condoms at sport fields, clubs and barbershops.

The strategy was thought up by the Brook Advisory Service, a UK organization that promotes contraception to teenagers, as a way of providing more condoms to teenagers with the hope that it will help cut teenage pregnancies.

This is madness beyond belief!!!! The Brook Advisory Service are bare faced liars!!! They know the statistics and know FULL WELL that 40 years of sex education and handing out condoms and contraceptives LEADS TO MORE TEENAGE PREGNANCIES AND ABORTIONS!!

The Brook should be prosecuted and jailed for child abuse. This idiotic UK Department for Children, Schools and Families is a disgrace. I wouldn't want them anywhere near my children, my school or my family! Who are these 'brain dead' people and how are they getting away with this?

Boys of 12 should be doing their schoolwork, climbing trees, learning the electric guitar, playing football and other sports, going on camps with the Scouts, getting engrossed in dozens of hobbies etc... etc...

What is it with these 'Government and Advisory' people that they believe that all our children do is think about and want sex! They are just plain mad.

And as if that is not enough the Brook are actively pushing and promoting a culture of promiscuity among underage children by going on to say:

"Boys will be able to obtain condoms by showing a plastic card which will be issued to them after they have received instruction in "safe sex" and how to use condoms according to new government guidelines, with boys who attend additional talks about sexually transmitted diseases getting a stamp on their card, which those running the scheme hope will become a status symbol".

So the Brook's idea of a happy and healthy lifestyle aimed at 12 year old boys is this - have sex with a 10, 11, 12 year old girl, use a condom of course and be proud of it. Your c-card gives you 'street cred' and status. This is so sad for the children involved and will psychologically scar the youngsters involved for life! I'm sure that Dr Ney would agree on this point.

Of course the Brook are simply feathering their own nest by ensuring future business for themselves in their abortuaries and sex-ed industry by fuelling this misery for our children. This is really sick.

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