Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Prayers For Baby Faith...

Hilary White reports on LifeSite News that a little baby named Faith Hope is defying all the odds (and doctors' predictions) and is thriving six weeks after being born with anencephaly.

Myah, a single mother and student living in Moncton, New Brunswick, writes that when she was 19 weeks pregnant, doctors told her that the child suffered from anencephaly, that she had not developed a large part of her brain. Myah was told that the baby could not survive outside the womb and was alive only because "she was attached" to her mother. She was assured that Faith would be able neither to hear nor see. But contrary to doctors' predictions, and the received wisdom of most medical authorities on anencephaly, her mother reports that Faith is thriving and growing normally for a child her age.

You can read more about Faith Hope (and see videos) over at the blog created by Myah to chart the baby's progress. Say a prayer or two for Faith, and for her incredibly brave mother (it takes guts to stand up to the medical establishment!)

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