Saturday 17 January 2009

Time For Another Cat Post...

This photo reminded me of one I'd seen a while back... over at Cavey's blog, in fact!

I can see a definite resemblance, which suggests that my favourite Caveman is probably nothing more than a big pussycat inside...

(Ok, now I think I better go hide before the Caveman catches up with me...)


Kevin Whiteman said...

You slay me!!

But just two points I'd like to raise --

Marines don't have "Drill Sergeants". We have Drill Instructors. Only the Army (which stands for Aren't Ready to be Marines Yet) has Drill Sergeants.

And as far as a measly 20 push-ups are concerned... which hand? *insert evil grin here*

Anonymous said...

Just on one hand?

The question is: "Sir, yes, sir! On how many fingertips on one hand, Sir!"

Father George bloggingLOURDES

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