Friday, 9 January 2009

A Gangster's Guide To God...

John Pridmore came to the parish this evening. He gave an excellent talk to a packed church, explaining his conversion experience. He's a very inspiring and charismatic speaker, and he did his utmost to explain how his former life was empty and unfulfilling, despite appearing to be everything a man could want.

If you ever get the opportunity to hear him speak, make sure you go. I would also recommend his books: From Gangland to Promised Land and Gangster's Guide to God.

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George said...

John's talk was an awesome and powerful personal testimony to the healing and saving power of Jesus Christ!

Hearing him describe so many painful life experiences as well as his anecdotes about Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta and others brought many of the grown men to tears on friday evening. I was especially moved by John admitting that his conversion to the Faith and his moving away from his involvement with crime was brought on by the prayers of his own mother.

His is an inspirational story especially relevant for young people, and I would not hesitate one moment in recommending that as many schools up and down the country as possible engage John to give their kids one of his fantastic talks.

Thank you John Pridmore for having the grace and courage to share your life story with us. We'll keep your counselling work in our prayers - God Bless.

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