Sunday, 7 December 2008

Favourites Meme

I have been tagged for this by Phil.  I'd be flattered, only I learned that he only picked me because Karen said he had to... so now I'm sulking...

I doubt that any of my choices will surprise anyone who has read more than two of my blog posts. So, in no particular order...

1.  The Extraordinary Form of Mass.  I love Mass anyway, but Mass according to the Usus antiquior is like Mass with knobs on. Especially if there's lots of incense. 

2.  Pope Benedict XVI.  I agree with the Curt Jester: if JPII deserves to be called John Paul the Great, then Benedict XVI ought to be known as Benedict the Pretty Awesome Also! And Summorum Pontificum just rocks.

3.  Chocolate. No explanation needed.

4.  Cats.  The four-legged, bewhiskered variety rather than the musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

5.  Baileys.  It's not really alcoholic. It's cream. And cream is made from milk. Milk is good for you: all that calcium!

6.  Coffee. This isn't just one of my favourite things, this is practically a necessity.  

Ok, so now, who to tag...?

1. Leutgeb, because Karen said I had to.
2. Fr. Ray Blake, because he hates memes.
3. The Curt Jester, because he's cool!
4. The Catholic Caveman, because I haven't tagged him in a while.
5. Ttony, because he's there.
6. Paulinus, because his take on life is amusingly different (you have to have a certain warped mentality to come up with those bus adverts!)

There are so many others I want to tag, but I've used up my six... so, if you want to have a go, consider yourself tagged and drop me a note in the com-box.


Fr Ray Blake said...

Oh how terrifically exciting, I can't wait.
It has just made my day.
Thankyou so much.

gemoftheocean said...

Any particular kind of Chocolate? :-D

(And I'm glad you tagged Fr. Ray. There's a method in my madness. I'd never tag you and Phil, on the same meme, because I get more bang for the buck that way. If I want both of you to do it, I tag one or the other, with the near certainty that either of you would tag the other, plus one or two others we share on our blog lists. It worked, and we get Fr. Ray and Leutgeb in the process too. Oh, joy!

PJA said...

Karen scares me. Can you ever forgive me? ;-)

gemoftheocean said...

Yeah, but you have have to admit, it WORKS!!! [Now a 9 day novena may be required for Fr. Ray to do this, but hey, he's worth it!)

Paulinus said...

"Amusingly different"; "Warped mentality"

As the late Dick Emery used to say "Ooooh! You are awful! But I like you"

Ttony said...

I've just taken in "Ttony, because he's there". I mean it could mean "there" like Mt Everest; or you could have done the "different" and "warped" thing you did to Paulinus; but I think I get the picture.

Are you a mate of the Mother of That Lot, by any chance?

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