Sunday, 4 May 2008

Playing With Photoshop

I have been pretty annoyed with the results of some of the photos I've taken with my phone camera. The colour seems to go completely mad, with everything far more yellow than it should be. I tried using my computer's photo-editing software, and couldn't quite get it right... so most photos have just gone up unedited.

However, I decided to give Adobe Photoshop a try... I saw that there was a cheap one going on Amazon, and snapped it up. And then forgot about it. The CD arrived during the week, but I've been a bit busy.

So this evening I decided to have a little play around. It isn't particularly user-friendly, but by dint of pushing buttons just to see what happens, I discovered that
I could make this original photo here

look like this:

which is rather an improvement.

Watch this space for further experiments!


Anonymous said...

That is fantastic. You know, Mac, that could be a nice little earner for you...?

Adrienne said...

I'm still trying to learn PhotoShop. To be fair, I haven't had much time to work with it but you are correct - not too user friendly.

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