Sunday, 9 March 2008

Chrism Mass at St. George's Cathedral... has become traditional (well, it's happened every year for the five years since the institution of this gathering!) for those who were cheering for the priests as they processed in to the Chrism Mass to make their way down to a local pub for lunch once the Mass is finished.

Fr. Tim usually joins us, along with a few of his like-minded brethren who feel that curling cheese sandwiches and sausages on a stick from the Cathedral buffet are just not substantial enough to see them through the evening festivities... no doubt they don't fancy sandwiches which will remind them of the feet they will be washing later!

If any bloggers are in the vicinity, feel free to join us: we'll be in the Three Stags pub, on the corner of Kennington Road and Lambeth Road, starting around 1:15pm

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FatherTF said...

For the record, may I just say that the food served by the Cathedral authorities is, to the best of my knowledge, a choice of hot dishes served by a catering company with consummate professionalism; but they only have resources (and space) to cater for the clergy and therefore I go to the pub in order to join the laity who have come to offer their thanks to the clergy.

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