Tuesday, 1 January 2008

New Year's Resolutions

Ok, after a wee bit of self-examination, I have decided that 2008 is the year I knuckle down and tackle some bug-bears!

1. To go to bed on time (and not to get distracted by the temptation to "check just one last blog"!)

2. To get up in time to pray properly. I hate to admit it, but my SD is absolutely right. I need to tackle this fault of mine... I think of myself as a Night Owl, and use that as an excuse for not going to bed early, and for getting up at the last possible minute. I have the timing calculated to the nearest nanosecond! However, if I don't pray first thing, I'm playing catch-up all day. Not good.

3. To spend more time reading stuff to improve my spiritual life (writings of the Saints, the Holy Father, etc. etc.) and less time re-reading rubbishy novels. I mean, how many times can a person read The Hunt for Red Oktober?

4. To work on the "self-denial" bit of my vows. I generally try to forget I made that one...

I think that will be enough to be getting on with. It's not really a meme, but if you're in the mood to 'fess up to your New Year's Resolutions, leave me a note in the combox!


Anonymous said...

I think you've seen mine.

Anonymous said...

The Hunt for Red October! i love that film..must read the book..

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