Friday, 19 October 2007


I am very lucky: Confessions are available in my parish at a time which suits me very well, and my PP is good when it comes to hearing Confessions and dealing with the issues which arise.

I haven't always been so lucky. I have had comments which have discouraged me ("Do you always go to Confession this often?") and comments which have been completely off the wall ("It's not good to be alone. You should get married!") It is also disconcerting to be told to confess only one sin, and to ignore the others.

Despite plenty of practice, easy availability and a good Confessor, I still find it very difficult to go to Confession: I don't really like to admit that I've been in the wrong. So it's helpful to look at the Sacrament in detail every now and then, in order to ensure that things aren't being skipped over too lightly.

Fr Zuhlsdorf has, very helpfully, put up a re-post of his 20 rules for penitents. And Fr. Ray Blake has taken the opportunity to post a few recommendations for priests hearing Confession. Definitely well worth a read.


la mamma said...

I'm feeling very lonely in the practice of this particuar sacrament at the moment, as in my new parish, it's just NOT the done thing. Now we all know it's not the most popular of the seven but there just seems to be no-one else who's there frequently. Not even one old lady. Sometimes there are people cleaning and polishing and I feel, quite frankly, like a bit of a freak, trotting off for my monthly dose of Spiritual Radion. It doesn't stop me, of course - we Catholics in this country all have 'brass necks' to some extent - but it's a bit much, isn't it, when one feels out of place for practising one's faith in one's own parish? Sorry to rant, Mac but OH!

Hurray for half-term! I hope your's is a good one.

(BTW of course you 'find it difficult to go to confession': the day you don't will be the day you're not taking it seriously. Even now I don't much like the bit in our 'what shall we do this weekend' conversation where I say, 'well, I'd like to go to confession on Saturday...' even though my husband has known me for... ooo a long time and is well used to it.) Rant over!

The Woman of the House said...

Not really confession related, but just wondering if in your blogging/ internet experience if you have ever come across any good holy monasteries or something of the sort that offer spiritual direction via email.

God bless,

Mulier Fortis said...

Sorry Adele, I haven't...

...though I don't think it would be possible to give good SD by email - it requires the personal touch, IMHO

Anonymous said...

Dear Mac,

Forgive the informality in addressing you but could I recommend Abbot Benedict Baur's 'Frequent Confessions'? I am presently in Australia and a young priest, Father Michael de Stoop, has just published two versions of 'The Gift of Confession'. They are published by Connor Court and excellent. Cardinal Pell has written the introduction to the larger version of the work.

I think we all find Confession difficult but so essential.

Mulier Fortis said...

Informal is good for me! Thanks for the recommendations...

The Woman of the House said...

Good orthodox long distance spiritual direction, IMHO, would be better than tepid local stuff, wouldn't you say? I think someone should start a new order to do spiritual direction via email. I would but I presently occupied.
( :

I would agree that confession via email just would not work. ( :

Didn't some of the saints write to their spiritual directors? Padre Pio... where's Padre Pio when you need him.

God bless,

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