Saturday, 25 August 2007


The great thing about the Blogosphere is how encouraging it all is. The trendy-libs haven't got anything to say (on the whole) because they might offend someone if they imply that they have a definite opinion on anything (except for pointing out that everything pre-Vatican II was a disaster and ignorant and superstitious and...)

That leaves the field wide open for the Traddies. Among the Traddies you have all the orthodox clergy and seminarians (mainly because the majority of the trendy clergy are too old to know how to use a computer, and there are very, very few trendy seminarians because the lefty-trendies don't really feel comfortable with a ministerial priesthood which excludes women and condemns gay sex); you also find the Traddy families, which are often silent hymns of praise to the Church's teaching on marriage and the family: ie. more than 2 children.

Twitch of the mantilla to Karen for finding "the Mom," a mother of five who has been lurking around the Blogosphere since January but has only just started her own blog: Shoved to Them. The rather odd title refers to a saying of her Nanna's: "One day God will have enough of your foolishness and demand that you hit your knees before Him. You can either do it willingly or He will put his hand upon your head and shove you to them." I like that quote. It sums up my own Damascus Road conversion (technically a reversion, but you catch my drift!) as I feel that God "lost patience" and finally took me in hand.

Another new blog to surface is written by a young music teacher: Leutgeb is the author of Bara Brith (another strange title for a blog - it refers to some sort of spotty Welsh bread favoured by the author's father.) A particular idiosyncracy of Leutgeb's seems to be the need to mention food in each of her posts (four out of four to date!) so she is obviously a woman after my own heart.

Anyway, new blogs always need more encouragement, so pop on over and say hallo.


leutgeb said...

And there I was thinking I was wittering merrily to myself. Nice pic by the way and thanks.

Mulier Fortis said...

Well, it was either chicken and mash or a portrait of Leutgeb playing his horn...!

gemoftheocean said...

I know. It was the pink flamingoes business that won me over. :-D

Phil said...

Thanks for the post and links. I enjoyed reading your review of the Church! ;-)

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