Monday, 25 June 2007

Miles Jesu Martyrs Walk

I didn't manage to go to this, but I'm delighted to read that it went well. The chaps from Miles Jesu are really great, and two of the speakers, Joanna Bogle and Fr. Nicholas Schofield, are known to me, and they are excellent.

Jay has a post with some pretty good photos. Fr. Nicholas posted the text of the talk he gave, along with a more general post (which has a photo of three bloggers!) Jackie (Catholic Mom of 10) has several photo posts, but no main post with information to link to, so I guess I need to do a general link to the whole blog so that you can browse through the pictures at will!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mac!

i'd rather they looked at the whole blog anyway!

The walk was stupendous!

Unknown said...

There is a set of pictures from the Walk at

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