Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Die Hard (The Evil Bunny Version)

...well, ok, I lied about the evil bit. However, as I've shown in a previous post, there's nothing cute about bunnies.

It's a quiet day in the blogosphere, and I've been curled up with a book for much of today (by a strange coincidence, Ma Beck is reading the same one), so I thought I'd pass on this little gem which I spotted over at Orthometer. 30 second summaries of various films, filmed in bun-o-vision. So far none of the clips meant anything, as I hadn't watched the originals. However, I'm rather a fan of Bruce Willis, and so this take-off of the Die Hard movie had me chuckling. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to provide an embedding code, so you have to click HERE to watch it.

1 comment:

ali mata said...

Rabbits annoy me, jackrabbits on the other hand are the most awkward and hilarious creatures :D

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