Saturday, 14 April 2007

And Look What I Found...

I just decided to have a look at SiteMeter. I've been neglecting it for a while (especially as visitor numbers have been down a little!) To my amazement, I saw that yesterday I had over 240 hits. Now I'd only put up two posts, one on getting a parking ticket and one on the ICEL translation, and neither of them would seem to account for the massive increase in traffic.

So I had a look at the visitors on Friday. Rather a lot of the referrals seemed to come from Fr. Longenecker's blog, where he put up a link to the Low-to-High Altar Metamorphosis video (thank you kindly, Father!) But what really caught my attention was the fact that several visitors had strayed into my blog from a site called "Feminine Genius."

As you may have gathered, I am no fan of modern feminism. And I border on the vitiolic when it comes to politically correct "inclusive" language, especially in the Liturgy. So I rather expected a site on feminine genius to be rather dismisive towards my little blog, and I promptly followed up the link to see what was going on.

Well, how wrong could I be? Feminine Genius is an excellent blog written by Genevieve Kineke. It seems that she is also the author of a book, "The Authentic Catholic Woman." The name rang a bell, and I couldn't remember why, but after a little more digging, I discovered that Joanna Bogle reviewed the book back in February (and very favourably too!)

So, I am honoured to have been given a little link by Genevieve, and I think I shall add the book to my list of Amazon purchases... Watch this space!

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