Friday 9 March 2007

Guardian Angel From Heaven So Bright

This isn't in any hymn book I have come across. It is just so beautiful: we had it at the Confirmation Mass as a second Communion hymn. I think it should be more widely known, and so, in honour of my own Guardian Angel (who is probably white-haired and popping valium under the stress and strain of looking out for me) I'm going to share!

Guardian Angel from Heaven so bright,
watching beside me to lead me aright,
fold thy wings round me, O guard me with love,
softly sing songs to me of Heav'n above.

Beautiful Angel, my guardian so mild,
tenderly guide me, for I am thy child.

Angel so holy whom God sends to me -
sinful and lowly - my guardian to be,
wilt thou not cherish the child of thy care?
Let me not perish - my trust is thy care.

Beautiful Angel...

O may I never forget thou art near;
but keep me ever, in love and in fear.
Waking and sleeping, in labour and rest,
in thy sweet keeping my life shall be blessed.

Beautiful Angel...


biretta wearer said...

Does it have a familiar tune?
Lovely text....

Monica said...

Mac - just out of interest, it's in a number of old hymn books that most parishes will probably have 'lost' by now.

The books I have (collected from various sources) in which it appears include:
'Old' Westminster (different tune),
Leeds Hymnal ,
St Andrew's Hymnal,
Hymns for Catholic Schools, and
A New School Hymn Book (well, 'New' when it was published in 1964!)

It would be wishful thinking to hope that some of the contents of these old hymn books could be re-published.

Mulier Fortis said...

NC - no, the tune was new (to me) but very easy to pick up... probably available in one of the books suggested by Augustinus... alternatively, email Fr Tim and he can send a copy of the music.

Augustinus, many thanks for this, and the extra hymn verses.

Simon-Peter Vickers-Buckley said...

Mac: I posted something on my blog. It is about the consecratiof an episcopalian "bishop" in a Catholic Catherdral. No one has left me any feed back. Is this normal?

Just as I am typing this I am watching /listening to the live feed and the man just said he believes in and submits to the doctrine and discipline of the Episciopal Church...right in fron of the altar and tabernacle. I don't understand.

Ttony said...

I remember this one. It belongs to the same part of memory as "Welcome, welcome, welcome Jesus" for First Communion, and "Dear St Joseph, Spouse of Mary" which had the wonderful last line of the first (each?) verse "Teach, O teach, us how to die". We didn't have fuzzy-wuzzy bears in our hymns when I was at primary school.

Mulier Fortis said...

S-P, these days Cathedrals are used to host all sorts of things, as a way of fund-raising... though the Blessed Sacrament shoud have been moved to an Altar of Repose away from the main event.

Yes, it's dreadful, but not surprising.

As for the lack of response, I think it's a slow-blog-day today...

Monica said...

SP - you might be intrerewted to know that the issue of this so-called consecration is under discussion at Gerald Augustinus' blog:

Unknown said...

This was one of my most favourite hymns as a child. I think it is a northern counties hymn as my fellow parishioners in the south of England do not know it. However, It has been found in an old notre Dame School hymnal.

Unknown said...

My mother sang this hymn to me everynight whilst tucking me into bed as a small child. It is very beautiful.

Daniel Escasa said...

You can find a video on YouTube.

Rev GAR said...

Can be put to the tune of "Abide with Me" (Eventide), though some phraseology becomes awkward.
Rev. GAR

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