Wednesday, 5 July 2006

A Little Liturgical Interlude

Ok. Time to see how many of you out there are paying attention.

I've been responsible for sorting out the prayer sheets for the Faith Summer Session for several years now. However, this year (just to keep me on my toes) we're actually into the first week of August rather than the last week of July or the second week of August. So we don't get to celebrate the Transfiguration, or the Feasts of St Teresa Benedicta and St Laurence (which means I have to sort out the psalms, as we can't just use the ones for the Sunday!!)

We do get to celebrate St Alphonsus Mary de Liguori on the Tuesday and St John Mary Vianney (aka the Cure d'Ars) on the Friday. We don't have morning prayer on Monday, but Mass will be St Ignatius Loyola. The Thursday is a feria. So far, so straightforward - I just have a bit of typing to do.

The problem is actually Wednesday 2nd August. It's an Optional Memorial, and there's a choice. Should I go for St Eusebius of Vercelli (safely in my Breviary, no tricky decisions) or for St Peter Julian Eymard (who's been added to the Universal Calendar according to my Directory, but all I know is that he was a priest)...

...or I could be really naughty and decide to plump for St. Mary of the Angels who gets a mention in the Directory in brackets. This means that the feast is either liturgically impeded or of diocesan interest... probably the former!

So, any comments?

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FatherTF said...

My suggestion would be St Peter Julian Eymard. He was a friend of St John Vianney (who regarded him as a saint) and founded a congregation of priest-adorers of the Blessed Sacrament. So plenty of themes there for whichever newly-ordained priest or deacon is preaching.

He also taught himself Latin in order to be able to enter the Seminary. Now that's what I call "self-help"!

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