Sunday, 16 July 2006

DIY Liturgy Kit

While checking out the Hermeneutic of Continuity's posts on the Worldwide Blessing Generator and health warnings on cigarette packets to frighten Traditionalists, I was inspired to try my hand at marketing the DIY Liturgy Kit.

The kit will be available shortly at all outlets which currently market aromatherapy candles, crystals, and books on Enneagrams....

It will consist of three candles, an assortment of pebbles (various shapes and sizes), a length of cotton material with hand-painted decorative symbols (tie-dyed cotton is also available), a CD of whale song and a box of tissues. I might also include an optional extra of a CD of pan-pipe music (it is notoriously difficult to choreograph liturgical dance to whale song)

I anticipate brisk trading...

I forgot to include a tambourine. And a water feature.

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