Monday, 22 May 2006

Bad vibes for the week ahead

I suspect that I'm in for a trying week...

Last night I couldn't get to sleep. Instead of giving it up as a lost cause at 4am (I have to get up at 5:30am) I continued to lie in bed. My last thought was something along the lines of "I really should get up now, or I'll sleep through the alarm clock..."

Next thing I know, it's 7.15am, and that means I've missed Mass. Bad start.

Despite the fact that South East England is suffering from drought, it is tipping down with rain. No doubt we will be told by the Water Board that it is the wrong sort of rain, and the hosepipe bans and similar restrictions will escalate, along with the water rates. The rain is so bad that the windscreen wipers make little headway, and I'm reduced to driving at 40 mph (the normal speed on that road is 70 mph). I get hemmed in by two articulated lorries which add to the visibility problems... and since my car crash last December when I was smashed into by a lorry, twice, and then overturned when I hit the central barrier, I get a little nervous around lorries. They're bigger than me, and this time my Guardian Angel might be napping.

So, what with the slower-than-usual journey, and the rain encouraging every parent to drive their little darlings to school, stopping in the middle of the road to say fond farewells at the school gates, I was five minutes late. Not good... the day feels like it's going downhill.

It was hot last week, so the boilers have been switched off. Naturally this means that the school is now freezing. The day slowly progresses...

The final straw is when one of my pupils objected to being ignored when he was trying to disrupt my lesson from outside the classroom. He decided to jam a chair under my door handle, and followed it up with one of the long tables used for packed lunches, which he jams between the top of the door and the chair... I could probably lever the door open with brute force, but decide that it's probably safer to ring for a Senior Manager. Luckily I have my mobile phone handy...!

I can't wait till Friday: roll on the Half-Term holiday!

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