Friday, 9 March 2007

"This Is Your Well-Wicked Queen Speaking..."

If this is true, then it's priceless. I hadn't spotted it in the English news, but that's hardly surprising as I generally try to avoid the British media as I would a dose of the plague... blogs are much more fun!

Anyway, Fox News is running with it.

The Queen, in common with many older people, apparently finds modern technology a tad tricky. So, just like countless parents and grandparents, she got a couple of youngsters to sort out her voicemail message...

Princes William and Harry were happy to help their grandmother... but decided to jazz the message up a little!

"Hey, wassup!" their message said. "This is Liz. Sorry I'm away from the throne. For a hotline to Philip, press one. For Charles, press two," the recording continued. "And for the corgis, press three."

The Queen apparently saw the funny side later when she thought about which VIPs might have heard the message.

I just want to know if anyone took up the corgi option...

Twitch of the mantilla to Red Neck Woman.


Jeffrey Smith said...

People tend to forget she has quite a sense of humor.

Edmund said...

Sorry, I know this is an old post and an old joke, but I couldn't resist sharing Rory Bremner's own rendition of the Queen's answerphone message from a show about five years ago:

"Hello. One is the Queen. If you want to marry Charles, press one. If you want to marry Andrew, press two. If you want to marry Edward, press three. If you are a Catholic, please replace the handset..."

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