Thursday, 8 March 2007

A Quiet Day's Blogging

I haven't done much blogging today... I've been rather busy helping with our parish Confirmation Mass this evening. Unfortunately I haven't got any photos - there's a policy against photographs being taken during First Communion and Confirmation Masses... we had just under 40 candidates being confirmed, and 80 or so flashbulbs going off at various points would have spoiled the atmosphere (which was awesome!)

Bishop Pat Lynch presided. Our candidates were fantastic - they were all able to talk knowledgably about their chosen Confirmation-name saints, and the whole ceremony went off without a hitch. We had some fabulous hymns... including seven verses of "O purest of creatures" at the Offertory, the really beautiful and moving "Guardian Angel from heaven so bright" as a second Communion hymn and the rousing "Faith of our fathers" to finish... hey, if you must have hymns, then this is the sort of stuff to go for!!

...and then we finished off with the Apostolic Blessing chanted in Latin... all the youngsters responded enthusiastically, and a surprising number of the congregation joined in too. So Latin is a bar to participation, is it? I think you'll find that it's banal lyrics and tedious tunes that form the real barrier to participation... they're so teeth-achingly awful that no-one wants to join in. Singing such tosh is embarassing, frankly.

We all piled in to the Large Hall afterwards: the bar was open (shame it's Lent...*sigh*) and the UCM had done us proud with a stunning buffet. Fr Tim was busy circulating with his camera, so no doubt one or two of those photos will make an appearance on his blog. All in all, a fantastic evening.


Kasia said...

Uh oh. We have to be able to talk about our Confirmation-name saints? Please tell me that isn't part of the liturgy!...

By the way, perhaps you could tell me - can I choose two Confirmation names, i.e. Edith-Frances?

Mac McLernon said...

Bishop Pat spoke to each single candidate as he was confirming them. The previous Bishop asked roughly one candidate out of three about their saint. So it is something to be aware of!! The rest of the church can't hear what you say though!

As for having two names, there isn't actually a rule against it as far as I know, but it isn't very common to have two unrelated names... unlike, say, "Mary Magdalen"

Augustinus said...

Thanks for letting us know these details. Brilliant hymns - all three my favourites.

I'm astonished you had 7 verses of 'O purest of Creatures' - most (traditional) hymnals have 5 verses (the modernist books either omit it altogether or leave out verses they find sensitive) - mind you, Faber wrote 12 verses all told!

I've not heard 'Guardian Angel' sung in Church for at least 30 years - though my wife and I sang it every night to our children when they were small.

While pictures would have been nice, it's good to know that they are banned - for the very eeasons you mention.

Mac McLernon said...

Hey, we need to keep our spirits up by sharing examples of uplifting liturgy, as well as slamming the abuses.

...I might even add a few more details - it gives me another post!!

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