Monday, 2 November 2009

Not Enough Caffeine?

I don't think any of my lessons have failed quite as spectacularly as this one...


Elizabeth said...

Must be a lesson in politics or statistics.
I remember attending a lecture on statistics and the lady next to me fell asleep and then started to snore. There was nothing anyone could do.
It really was a boring lecture.

George said...

Having sat for a week through the 250 pages of Government 'Equality Bill' gobbledegook these 'Thought Police' recruits were told they had to now sit through the 250 pages of explanatory notes! And what is all this for well, er.... here's an example: 'Employers may be cautioned for insensitivity to other religions if they offer biscuits to visitors or colleagues during Ramadam'!

As a Catholic I object - I happen to like my Choccy-Chip Cookies and Custard Creams and if my Muslim friend doesn't well he doesn't have to have one - simple. If I don't want to eat meat on a Friday or during lent then I don't, but I wouldn't expect it to be passed as a law. So let's not impose Shariah law on the whole Country, after all England is a Christian Country - isn't it? Well, isn't it!!!!??

Yes folks this is nutty PC Britain in 2009 - offer a man a Jaffa cake and get jailed!

Back to the picture - It was all toooooo much for the guys and gals who had joined the force to become all action heroes and not PC Nanny State Jobsworths. Where is it all leading ....... you may well ask.

Oh Brave New Britain (er... World).

Catholic with Attitude said...

I can associate with this! Tuesdays are long days for me as I have three lectures, each lasting two hours. The 4-6pm is a drag particularly at this time of year when the sun retreats early at silly O'Clock.

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