Sunday, 1 November 2009

An Excellent Suggestion From Fr. Z...

While reminding us about the Plenary Indulgences available for All Souls' Day and for the first Thursday (the latter because of the Year of the Priest), Fr. Z has come up with a particularly good suggestion... gaining the Plenary Indulgence on behalf of deceased priests.

Just think... you'll have a priest-saint in heaven, who will be eternally grateful to you... literally!

(Yes, I know, Plenary Indulgences shouldn't be clocked up with an eye to being rewarded... but still, a Plenary Indulgence for a Holy Soul in Purgatory simply has to be better than one gained for oneself, if only because we are so likely to sin again, whereas, for the Holy Souls, the effect of the indulgence is permanent!)

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