Sunday, 26 October 2008

The Female of the Species...

...I'm up early!  Actually it's early for Sunday, and only because the clocks went back.  However, I can allow myself to feel virtuous for actually crawling out of the pit.  Ok, ok, I'll admit that the only reason I got up was that Sylvester was sitting on my head, tapping my nose in an attempt to get fed...

Be that as it may, a celebratory joke is in order (ie. I can't think of anything more important to blog about at this time in the morning!)

The CIA were interviewing candidates.  As part of the interview process, the candidates had to show that they could shoot a person if ordered to do so. The first candidate, a young man, was given a gun, and ordered to go through a door into a room and shoot the person sitting on the chair.

Nervously, the young man took the gun and walked through the door.

Almost immediately, he returned.  "You guys are really sick," he snarled, "No way am I going to shoot my wife!" With that, he stormed out.

The second candidate, another young man, was sent into a different room with the same instructions: shoot the person in the chair.  This time there was more of a delay before the candidate returned, shaking and sobbing.  "I can't do it," he said, "I just can't shoot my wife."

The third candidate, a young woman, was then sent in to a room, where her husband was in the chair.

Five shots rang out.

And then the sound of screaming was heard, accompanied by some loud banging noises.

Then the woman reappeared.

"Some idiot loaded the gun with blanks," she said, "So I had to beat him to death with the chair."

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gemoftheocean said...


Reminds me of the couple that wanted a ride in a bi-plane, but the only wanted to pay 50 bucks and the guy wanted 100 - the pilot said "Okay, I'll make a deal with you -- when we go up, you can't say a word, if you do, you folks owe me a hundred, but if you can keep your mouths shut, it will be just $50. The couple agreed. When they were airborne the pilot did loop de loops, barrel rolls, dives, immelmans - EVERYthING he could think of to get to couple to scream. Nothing. Silence. Finally he landed, and he turned around and said "I gotta hand it to you, I tried my best to get you to scream, but you hung in there like troupers!" The woman said "Well, I have to admit you almost had me when my husband fell out."

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