Sunday, 27 July 2008

Some Of The Recent Additions...

I haven't always had time to draw your attention to my blogroll additions, so, I thought a quick round-up of the most recent ones might be in order...

Roses and Jessamine writes a blog of the same name - one which evokes gently scented eau de toilette. She hails from the same neck of the woods as Fr. Ray. I'd love to know why she chose that particular name!

Benedict Ambrose writes Tremendous Trifles - "yet another Scottish blog" (his description, not mine, I hasten to add!) which contains musings on, well, just about everything.

Australia Incognita is a blog from Down Under; Terra, the author, describes herself as deeply attached to the Traditional Latin Mass... of course, Terra might actually be a "himself" - neither the Blogger profile, nor the Facebook one, offer any clues!

Hearts at Home is a blog written by Penny and Pillarclimber, two homeschoolers from North Carolina.

Saint Louis Catholic is written by Thetimman, who is unclear about why he started blogging, but he has an interesting selection of posts on various snippets of Catholic news.

And finally, the Pious Sodality of Church Ladies held me up as an exemplar of what happens when Church Ladies "go bad" after I expressed my womynpriest vocation. A very entertaining blog.


Terra said...

Thanks for the complement, link, and mention Mac! I enjoy very much your blog. As to my gender...I might have admitted on facebook to being a woman (in the face of discovering that my identity had been penetrated by some at WYD), so I suppose I can no longer remain quite as mysteriously incognita as I had originally hoped....

benedictambrose said...

Too kind, dear lady!

Roses and Jessamine said...

Thanks for the link, Mac. You're right, I am in Ray's flock.

"Roses and Jessamine" is a reference to Jesus in a poem by St. Teresa of Avila called "Let Mine Eyes See":

Let mine eyes see thee, sweet Jesus of Nazareth,
Let mine eyes see thee, and then see death.
Let them see that can, Roses and Jessamine,
Seeing thy face most fair, all blossom are therein.
Flower of seraphin, sweet Jesus of Nazareth.
Let mine eyes see thee, and then see death.
Nothing I require, where my Jesus is;
Anguish all desire, saving only this;
All my help is his, He only succoureth.
Let mine eyes see thee, and then see death.

There's another reference in John Milton's 'Paradise Lost: The First Love of Adam and Eve'-

Fenced up the verdant wall; each beauteous flower,/Iris of all hues, roses and jessamine,/Rear'd high their flourished heads between, and wrought/Mosaic;

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