Thursday, 4 January 2007

Miles Jesu

Brad, one of the chaps from Miles Jesu (the one who took the photo of my nails) asked me to let everyone know of an evening concert being held to raise funds for the Miles Jesu-Continuity Movement.

It's in Westminster Cathedral Hall, Sunday 14th January, at 6pm. Ruth Rogers and Matthew Schellhorn will be playing a variety of pieces for violin and piano. Adults £12, Students (and children under 16) £8, for tickets call 0208 764 0341 or email

Miles Jesu has been here in England for almost ten years. For the last few years the Community has rented a house in Norbury, near Croydon. They are now saving funds to buy a permanent residence in England.

Please, support them if you can: they do some amazing work in their apostolate.


Anonymous said...

You know, those Miles Jesu folks always sounded interesting, but I never knew anything about them. Can you tell me more, Mac?

Mac McLernon said...

More to follow soon, Mark, I promise!

Anonymous said...

Will these be the same folks who sent me a lovely DVD and flier for a retreat? I was wanting to send a thankyou email, but was unsure if it was the same house (20, in a street beginning with F?).


Mac McLernon said...

Mark, sorry, I have no idea of the address. Fr Tim Finigan will know, send him an email via rosary (at) freeuk (dot) com

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