Friday, 25 May 2012

Solemn Vespers At The Oratory...

IMG_20120525_172946This is one of those weekends - becoming more frequent, Deo gratias - where those with a traditional leaning are spoilt for choice. Cardinal Burke is visiting the London Oratory, and there are Ordinations for the Ordinariate at Westminster Cathedral (at which John Hunwicke is to be ordained deacon at long last!) There are a few other things happening as well - the Reluctant Sinner has more details on his blog.

Having decided that I really couldn't spare the time on Saturday to trek up to London, I decided to make the supreme effort to attend Vespers at the Oratory this evening instead. Cardinal Burke was to be there and there would be Pontifical Benediction after Vespers.

After a very trying day I was tempted to head straight home, but resisted! I'm very glad that I did - it was rather wonderful. Five-Cope Vespers, no less, and a Cardinal at the Throne!! I even got there early enough to get permission to take photos - after promising that my camera was silent and I wouldn't use a flash... they were much more understanding than at Westminster Cathedral!



I spotted a few familiar faces, though I'm sure several regulars are actually off on their way to Chartres. I nearly plucked up the courage to introduce myself to Fr. James Bradley, but he was deep in conversation and I thought I'd spare him the mad-Catholic-lady ordeal!

If you are in London for any of the events mentioned, do have a wonderful time...

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