Sunday, 20 May 2012

Green Eggs Without The Ham...

Apologies to Dr Seuss! Annie Elizabeth very kindly presented me with a box of newly-laid eggs. Her hens lay eggs of varying colours, the most unusual (in my limited experience) being a greyish green.

I am about to turn two of them into fried egg sandwiches, as I haven't yet had lunch. I meant to have lunch much earlier, but gave in to the temptation of watching the England v Windies match being shown in the parish club (with Zephyrinus and Greg providing commentary as to the fielding positions and the effects of weather on the number of men generally in the slips.) Then I had to go and get some of my rubbish delivered to the Re(f)use & Recycling Centre before it closed.

I then made the mistake of sitting down for five minutes, and was promptly pounced upon by Monsignor Furretti, who is most definitely a lap-cat. With my generous proportions there isn't much in the way of lap, but Furretti managed to insinuate herself onto what little there was...

Now those egg sandwiches are really calling me...

1 comment:

Zephyrinus said...

Dear Mac.

Love the Vid of Furretti purring his stuff and
your Post on fried egg sandwiches.

One wonders whether your Greyish-Green Eggs
might be useful in your Cricketing "Laws" (not "Rules",
as I have previously said), together with your culinary
preference at present, e.g., "EGG BREAKS" ?
[Gettit ? Pun on "LEG BREAKS"]

[Your American Readers might wish to know
that a "LEG BREAK" is a ball, bowled by a right-handed
bowler to a right-handed batsman, that pitches
on the Leg Side and turns to the Off Side.

Of course, to a left-handed batsman,
it would then become an "Off Break" (I think).

And, as for "Googlies". . .


Enjoy the fried egg sandwiches and don't give any to Furretti.

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