Saturday, 18 April 2009

Tyburn Pilgrimage

The Tyburn Walk this year has been moved from the first Sunday in May to the second Sunday, so the date of the Walk is Sunday 10th. May.

It will be the 100th Tyburn Walk, and Monsignor Anthony Stark told me today that it would be the last, as numbers have been dwindling of late. I think it's a real shame if this turns out to be the case: the Tyburn Walk, organised by the Guild of Our Lady of Ransom, has been responsible for teaching me (and many others) about the English & Welsh Martyrs, correcting my very sketchy impressions of the Reformation period provided by a Catholic education (what hope has your average schoolchild got when the Religion Section of the Millennium Dome Experience described the Reformation as "a time when Catholics and Protestants agreed to worship God differently"...??)

I've described the Walk HERE and HERE, and last year's post gave brief details of the route. Fr. Tim, who gives the final Benediction at Tyburn Convent, has also put up posts about the Walk HERE and HERE.


Mark said...

well, I do hope it's not the last! :(

Londiniensis said...

If the only way to preserve the annual Walk/Pilgrimage is to increase the numbers, then advertising it might be a good start. Where does it start? What time does it start? How long does it take?

Not every one will want to dig through old posts, and even then they will only find out what the programme was in previous years.

The website of the Guild of Our Lady of Ransom is mute - no-one there wants to drum up support. Why?

Victoria said...

I agree with Londin... (can't you get an easier nic?) Advertise - promote - think like an American.

This won't work today - excuse me *cough* I'm terribly sorry to trouble you but do you think you just might, and you probably won't , like to come on the martyr's walk on Sunday? *cough*

Jamesblythe said...

I agree with the other two posts, as when I read this post I decided to come, tried to find out details & couldn't. Help please!

pontesisto said...

Oh no! One of the things I wanted to do after getting of the island was to share in this pilgrimage. It is such a powerful witness, I hope it does survive.

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