Saturday, 14 June 2008

Wow !

The Pontifical High Mass at Westminster Cathedral was everything I hoped for, and more. It was incredibly moving to see the Cathedral completely packed out with people. Once again, I noticed that Communion was a very reverent affair, without the chatter which often accompanies large Masses (usually Novus Ordo).

I took a few photos with Fr. Tim's large camera (which was rather unwieldy, so they might be a bit blurred) and I took a few photos on my own phone camera. Not sure when I'll get access to the photos from Fr. Tim... it depends on how busy he is!

I was delighted to meet up with some fellow bloggers, including a few I haven't met before, especially Mark, Mhari and the Hound of Heaven. The Hound confessed that Badcat is probably going to provide much more in the way of blog material than the Hound himself, so I shall keep an eye out for relevant posts. I also got to meet Mike, who is a recent addition to my friends on Facebook. The internet is just so much fun!!!

It's now way past my official bedtime, so I shall continue tomorrow. In the meantime, I will just direct you to Fr. Tim's blog, where he has posted a comment by Justin about the Mass which says all that needs to be said, only much better than I ever could.


Fr Ray Blake said...

It was good to see you sorry I didn't get to the Buckingham.
Where are pics?

Ches said...

I didn't know you were there. Would have been nice to meet. My thoughts on the event here:

the hound said...

Sorry I had to dash off like that, I had a non-amendable coach ticket. I did not allow for any time after Mass and I took a wrong turn on the way to the cathedral so thought it was much further than it actually was. There was such a wonderful atmosphere in the piazza and even in the cathedral after Mass, everyone was just so happy and joyful!!, ( and I heard no bitter comments about " that will show the bishops, Etc").

the hound said...

Oh and I've got a whole hedgehog and a whole cat!

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