Tuesday, 10 June 2008


This time last year, some workmen managed to smash my driver's-side car window. The window mechanism gave up the ghost through shock.

This afternoon, I was driving down the A2 when I decided that I needed to let a little of the day's accumulated heat escape from my car. I didn't want to have my hair flying over my face, so, using the control on my door, I opened the passenger-side window. Once the heat had escaped, I tried to close the window.

Nothing happened.

It seems that the window mechanism in the passenger door has now died on me.

Fortunately, having been through the replacement of one mechanism, I thought that I was pretty much prepared for this one. I drove straight to the franchise dealer, and asked to buy a window mechanism.

Unfortunately, they didn't have one in stock. They could get one for Thursday.

Fortunately, the garage mechanics thought they could push the window up into place and wedge it shut until the mechanism arrived.

Unfortunately, this didn't work... and they told me that the door would have to be taken off in order to move the glass into place... and this would take more than an hour... and then they'd have to do exactly the same thing on Thursday... and, of course, they'd need to charge me twice...

I'd watched the last mechanism being replaced. It didn't take an hour. More like twenty minutes, and that included hoovering up broken glass.

I rang Autoglass, who informed me that, unless the window was smashed, they couldn't help. The thought flitted through my mind: "Bless me, Father, for I have sinned, I chucked a brick through my car window..." but it was only a brief consideration. The chap then added that, although a callout wasn't possible, I might have more luck if I popped in to one of their centres.

I rang my local one. The chap who answered was very helpful, and noted that there would be a mechanic around some time after 10pm tonight, though there wasn't anyone available before then. But he was sure that he'd be able to manoeuvre the window back into place temporarily for me, and he wouldn't charge me an arm and a leg. "Those dealership guys," he said, "they'd like to charge you for breathing the oxygen in their showrooms!"

The car window has now been levered up into place, and wedged in securely (I hope!) At least I'll be able to park in the school car-park without worrying about what will get pushed in through an open window...


Anonymous said...

I'm still wondering where's the middle part of your car?

deb said...

What type of car do you have? I ask because most cars I see have rounded edges and the automobile in the photo on your blog looks a bit blocky. No offense meant, it was just interesting looking to me. :)

We needed to go help our son move out of his apartment. The day that we were about to set out our transmission went out. Over two thousand dollars to fix it!

Why can't when the car is about to break down can we not get at least a seven days prenotice? lol

Rita said...

I've found you the perfect car. Visit my blog to see it!

Mulier Fortis said...

Deb - it's a Hyundai Atoz Plus. The first time I came across the model, I thought that it sounded like a washing machine manufacturer, and looked as if it had backed into a car crusher.

However, having survived being hit by an articulated lorry (twice)and turning upside down after colliding with the central reservation on the motorway, being cut out by firemen and escaping with nothing more than a scratched finger and bruises, I decided that this little car is structurally surprisingly robust... and so I got the same model again.

Rosario said...

Geez... Do they would sell those in America? :D

BTW, luv the blog. Been visiting for a while but decided to start commenting :) Back during the whole Motu Propio franzy I would check your blog all the time cuz' I knew that you were going to find out bfore everyone else! ha!

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